About the project
Customers: married couple

Location: Moscow, apartment in the art quarter of business class

Room type: apartment

Project area: 52 sq.m.

Project description: ZILART Residential complex is a unique business class project in the Danilovsky district of Moscow.
The apartment is located in one of the unusual houses of this residential complex.

The design project of the apartment is made for a married couple without children.
The layout developed almost immediately, even at the first meeting with the project's customers. It was necessary to allocate a separate bedroom, combine the kitchen and living room into a single whole, place a small dressing room in the hallway area for storing outerwear and oversized items, and also take into account the bathroom and a small loggia, in which it was supposed to make a work area in the future.

There is practically nothing superfluous in the interiors of the apartment, paint and decorative plaster on the walls, laconic engineering board and granite on the floor,
and even the lighting is chosen in such a way that it does not attract attention.
In the project, we used Invisible hidden doors together with a new generation skirting board, thanks to a special aluminum profile, we were able to install the skirting board in the same plane with the wall.
The project includes both ready-made furniture and furniture made according to our drawings and further individually manufactured.

The interiors are designed in monochrome colors, diluted with warm lighting, natural wood textures and bright accents.