About the project
Customer: creative person from YANDEX

Location: Moscow, Smolensky Boulevard

Room type: apartment

Project area: 44 sq.m.

Project description: A bright, memorable image of this interior was born from the hobbies of the customer, an employee of the Yandex company: he likes Escher's graphics, Penrose mosaics and Alexey Kio's street graffiti.

The redevelopment solved practical problems: the kitchen and living room were combined to get a more functional common space, the bathroom was combined with a bathroom. The size of the bedroom made it possible to organize a spacious dressing room, in which most of the things will be stored, and outerwear will be taken by the wardrobe at the entrance.

The geometric patterns of mathematician Roger Penrose are reminiscent of the design of the wall behind the headboard, Mariutz Escher is widely represented in the drawing of tiles on the kitchen apron and in the bathroom. Above the dining table is a poster developing the theme of one of his graphic works.

Alexey Kio's graffiti - an abstract composition in blue tones - adorns one of the walls in the living room.

Lighting is part of the overall design solution. This is especially noticeable in the bedroom, made in a futuristic spirit: the geometry of the walls is diluted by a ribbon illumination that passes from the ceiling to the wall, the bed with illumination around the perimeter seems to float in the air, and the light of the sconce emphasizes the drawing of 3d panels on the wall.