About the project
Customers: married couple

Location: Moscow

Room type: apartment

Project area: 140 sq.m.

Project description:
The main task before us was to design the most cozy and bright space. The formation of the space took place through the use of smooth geometric shapes and natural materials.

The layout of the kitchen-living room was divided into two zones: a kitchen area with an island and a small dining table for everyday meals and a recreation area combined with a dining room.

The sofa was designed by the famous French designer Christopher Delcourt, and the armchair by the equally famous French brand under the leadership of Philippe Yurel.
Coffee tables are presented from the Belgian brand Tribu, and laconic and strict floor lamps from the Italian brand Tato.

The dining area is decorated with two chandeliers from the French manufacturer of lighting equipment Ozone Light, and the chandelier above the island is designed by the Italian manufacturer Henge.

The interiors are dominated by natural materials: wood used in the decoration of facades and flooring, travertine, stone wall panels.

Thus, a bright and at the same time contrasting interior was created, free from excessive decorativeness.