About the project
Customer: a young athlete with her son

Location: St. Petersburg, Riverside residential complex

Room type: apartment

Project area: 165 sq.m.

Project description: The customer of the project not only loves sports, but is also actively engaged in it.

And besides him, her second passion is traveling.

The apartment is located in an elite residential quarter on Ushakovskaya Embankment, built on the border of the prestigious districts of St. Petersburg - Petrogradsky and Primorsky. In fact, this residential complex is located on a peninsula, washed on one side by the Black River, and on the other by the Bolshaya Nevka.

The layout of the apartment was formed based on the wishes of the customer, in addition to the main rooms: the kitchen-living room, the customer's bedroom with a dressing room, the main bathroom with a bathtub and shower, there is a children's room with a loggia for the customer's little son, a second bedroom with a loggia for the customer's mother, a laundry room, a guest room and a guest bathroom, respectively. A separate place was also found for a full-fledged family member - a fifteen-year-old cat.

The interior is dominated by light and warm shades, contrasting combinations of natural materials and textures, pronounced color and light accents. Special attention was paid to the functional arrangement of furniture and storage areas. In addition to custom-made furniture, the project uses furniture and interior items from Italian, German, Dutch and American manufacturers.

The existing interior items were also taken into account: paintings, vases, books, appliances, sports equipment, carpet and pouf.