About the project
Customers: married couple

Location: Moscow, Riverdale Business Center

Room type: apartment

Project area: 82 sq.m.

Project description: "Riverdale' is an elegant complex of loft apartments with beautiful views of Moscow, located next to the Moscow River.

The customer bought this apartment from one of the most famous business bloggers in Russia.

In the process of working on the interior, several important tasks were solved, one of which was to hide rather massive iron beams on the ceiling, partly due to the fact that customers had special wishes for the style of the interior. Also, the screed was already filled in at the facility, which in turn slightly complicated the laying of all communications, but this issue was resolved.

The interior combines several functional zones at once: an entrance hall, smoothly flowing into a common large space, which is divided into a kitchen-dining area, a recreation area and a small work area.
The project has developed several lighting scenarios.
A complex combination of materials and textures due to the neutral scale creates a harmonious and concise image.
Decorative plaster, composite materials of which 3d panel, mdf, quartz, ceramics and natural wood are used as finishing materials.
Integrated hob with hood on the island. The sink in the kitchen area cuts into the same level with the countertop, and due to this, the impression of a single whole is created. A large number of kitchen appliances are hidden in spacious cabinets from floor to ceiling.
Author's 3d design according to individual sketches.
The fireplace is the central point of the interior, at the same time dividing it into two parts (the kitchen-dining area and the recreation area).
Thanks to the low location of the windows, it was possible to organize two additional recreation areas, thanks to this you can admire the fireplace, the view from the window, read books from the extensive library, work on a laptop and just relax.
A distinctive feature of the bedroom is the absence of windows, this was the wish of the customers.
The moment with numerous iron beams was also solved in the bedroom, thanks to a slight underestimation of the ceiling level and the placement of another 3d structure on the ceiling.
In the process of work, the wishes of customers were also taken into account, to allocate a small dressing room and provide hidden storage areas.