About the project
Customers: married couple

Location: Moscow, Ramenki, residential complex "Lobachevsky"

Room type: apartment

Project area: 76 sq.m.

Project description: The interiors of the apartment are designed for a young married couple.

Significant changes in the planning solution of this apartment were not planned. In the process of work, it was decided to combine the living room area with the corridor and hallway, so we got a single, flowing common space. Also, with the help of this technique, we were able to allocate a separate storage space for the master library without cluttering up the space of the bright living room.

The set of the resulting rooms is quite standard: the living room space flowing into the hallway and corridor, a loggia, a kitchen, a master bedroom with a bathroom located next to it, we also managed to allocate a separate dressing room and the remaining small room was decided to make universal (a guest bathroom combined with a laundry room).

We took into account all the hobbies of the owners, their extensive book library, passion for music, travel and foreign culture.

As already mentioned, the customer is fond of music and therefore we have allocated a separate place for a vinyl player with a library of records, and also laid hidden wiring for acoustics in the apartment.

Work on the project and on its implementation was carried out quite calmly, the customer fully trusted our taste and there were practically no adjustments.

The freestanding furniture and kitchen set were brought from Italy, and all kinds of wall and ceiling panels, hanging cabinets, cabinets, built-in bookshelves, wardrobe systems, cabinets, furniture in the bathroom and in the guest bathroom, a suspended work table with slats and even a dining table with chairs were made according to our drawings to order in carpentry workshop.

The project uses calm and concise color tones.

Depending on the specifics of a particular room of the apartment, various lighting scenarios are applied. The main scenario is a general fill light, and the secondary scenario is a decorative light. Special attention was also paid to the functional aspects in each room.

The project was implemented for about a year, finishing materials, doors, lighting were ordered in stages, then the queue reached freestanding furniture and custom-made furniture, all kinds of appliances were ordered, sockets with switches, plumbing, curtains, bedroom textiles were ordered and the decor with accessories was finally brought.

At the end of the repair work, we also separately selected towels, shower gels, shampoos and even toothbrushes, because this is also an integral part of the finished interior.

The main task for us was to create a comfortable and modern interior with elements of minimalism, corresponding to the taste preferences and wishes of their owners.