About the project
Customers: married couple

Location: Moscow, Picasso residential complex

Room type: apartment

Project area: 96 sq.m.

Project description: The customer of the project, a unique connoisseur of foreign and especially Italian art.
This is the unique case when the customer and I were moving on the same wave and understood each other, you can say without words.

In the project we used a minimum of partitions, from the spacious hallway we immediately get into the kitchen-living room. The space of the living room combined with the kitchen assumes the openness of the owners of this apartment to communication and reception of guests, so on holidays and on days when guests come, you can gather everyone in the spacious living room, and in parallel you can sit at the dining table and communicate with all the guests. And on weekdays it is also convenient to have breakfast or dinner at the dining table while watching TV in the living room.

From the kitchen-living room there is an exit to the master bedroom, combined with a dressing room. In the opposite part of the apartment there is an office and almost in the center there is a guest bathroom and a bathroom.

Refined furniture from leading Italian factories is located in almost all rooms. The kitchen set and interior doors are made to order on Italian equipment. Also, all kinds of wardrobes, hanging cabinets and racks are made to order.

The interior is designed and executed completely "turnkey", and therefore in the project you can observe not only large freestanding and built-in furniture, but also small decorative items, specially selected fabrics, vases, figurines and so on, and even small accessories in the bathroom and bathroom.