About the project
Customers: married couple

Location: Moscow, residential complex "Life on Ivy"

Room type: penthouse with terrace

Project area: 320 sq.m.

Project description: A unique apartment in the historical part of Moscow.
The apartment is located on the top floor of the elite residential complex
"Life on Ivy".
The area of the apartment itself is about 230 m2, and the remaining area of 90 m2 is occupied by numerous terraces.

Entering the apartment, we find ourselves in a spacious hallway, next to which there is a separate dressing room. The hallway smoothly turns into a living room area and a fireplace area. Since this is the last floor, the apartment has the possibility of installing a real, full-fledged fireplace. From the living room we get into the kitchen-dining room, and our gaze immediately stops at the unique Italian kitchen set Glamour, from the Old Line factory.
Then we get to the guest bathroom and the guest bedroom.
In the opposite part of the apartment, the so-called "private" zone, there are: the master bedroom, combined with a dressing room and an office.
Also from the master bedroom there is a separate exit to the bathroom and a hammam. Passing further down the corridor, we find ourselves in a laundry room and two children's rooms with their own dressing rooms and a separate bathroom.
An interesting feature of the apartment is that from each bedroom, as well as the kitchen and living room, we can get to a spacious terrace.

There is an extensive abundance of unique Italian furniture and lighting in the interiors. A variety of custom-made furniture and exquisite finishing materials.