About the project
Customers: married couple with children

Location: Moscow region, Kaluga highway

Type of premises: private residential building

Project area: 320 sq.m.

Project Description: Customers really like the movie "Prometheus", especially the rescue module from the movie, and they wanted to see similar interiors in their country house. In general, the theme of space and futurism is very close to the owners of this house.

The interior interiors fully correspond to the exterior architecture of the house.

Linear lighting was used in the project, art objects were placed, natural finishing materials were used, acoustics were taken into account, as well as ventilation and air conditioning systems, heating radiators were also hidden and hidden storage areas were introduced to achieve the maximum effect.

During the design process, we tried to move away from standard solutions and at the same time take into account all the wishes of customers regarding furniture, finishing materials and lighting.