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In this video we told you what you need to pay attention to when choosing an interior design studio.

Only 5 points, they are all the most important!

Choose a design studio only if all points are met. If at least one of these points the design studio does not pass, then most likely you will not work together.
Don't order a design project until you watch this video!
FRIDA CALO interior review
Frida Kahlo is one of the brightest figures in twentieth-century art.
She managed to find herself, become one of the best artists in the world and keep her fortitude to her last days.
We managed to visit the unique apartments created in the style of the Mexican artist.
Penthouse in an elite residential complex in the center of Moscow, with a large terrace and a total area of 350 m².

Review of the interior after the customers have moved in.
Penthouse for a quarter of a MILLION
TRANSPARENT BATHROOM. Style and freedom in one space!
Bright and minimalistic interior in a limited space. Open shower cabin with access to the kitchen. Individually designed furniture. Interesting ideas as a consequence of saving space and budget.
All this is in our new video.
Would you agree to live in such apartments on a permanent basis? Or maybe only temporarily? Write in the comments, I'm interested in your opinion!
Features of Georgian apartments through the eyes of a designer.
The apartments are for rent and belong to the artist.

Overview of distinctive features, creative approach to your interior and unusual solutions.
Overview of the artist's apartments. Georgia
Do you have any favorite furniture manufacturers?
Our studio has the TOP 5 best furniture manufacturers, whom we value for design, quality and approach to production.
For us, they are the best in the world. This is not a rating, all companies are equally equivalent for us.
Write in the comments whether you agree with us or not, and also send your top companies, it will be interesting to read.
Everyone makes mistakes, even experienced designers!
In this video we will tell you about the most common.
Some of them may be insignificant, and some may seriously complicate the repair process.
If you are doing repairs yourself or you are a novice designer, then these tips will help you in the process of your work.
10 mistakes of an interior designer
An overview of one of the best furniture companies. A powerful competitor of Italian manufacturers.
In this video we will share with you one of our favorite furniture companies.
No advertising, just our personal opinion. A brief overview, all on the case.
Nowadays, with all the variety of manufacturers, it is not so easy to find a company with a unique design.
Our studio has its own TOP-5 best furniture companies. And this video will be about one of them.
We present to your attention our implemented project in the comfort class residential complex.

The customer is a connoisseur of Italian furniture, so we personally went to Italy to select furniture.
The apartment is in the style of MINIMALISM.
Overview of an apartment of 96 sq. m. in the Picasso residential complex.
A trip to Italy to the factory. Review of the Cattelan Italia showroom.
An employee of the showroom will give us a short tour in which he will tell us the history of the company. The main concept of the company is to move away from stereotypes: the emphasis is on free creativity.

Yurov Interiors cooperates with Cattelan Italia.
We supply furniture directly from the factory and can help in the arrangement of items from different collections.
The customer of the project, a unique connoisseur of foreign and especially Italian art.
This is the unique case when the customer and I were moving on the same wave and understood each other, you can say without words.
The interior is designed and executed completely "turnkey", and therefore in the project you can observe not only large freestanding and built-in furniture, but also small decorative items, specially selected fabrics, vases, figurines and so on, and even small accessories in the bathroom and bathroom.
The apartment is in the style of minimalism.
Visual overview of the premium class apartment.
Repair of apartments for rent. Interior design as a way to increase the price,
In this video we will talk about the design specifically for rental apartments. How to make it beautiful with the lowest possible budget.

We will discuss the preferences of tenants and give advice on how to please the maximum number of potential customers.
The apartment is 34 sq.m., we were able to accommodate a full bedroom, a kitchen spacious enough for such an apartment, and even a separate workplace.

All this has become possible through the use of flowing spaces.
Room tour of the apartment 34 sq.m
Apartment for rent. How to increase the price with the help of interior design,
Today we will talk about how interior design can affect the cost of an apartment.

Some pretty obvious things can significantly increase the cost of rent.
We give 17 tips on how to make a small apartment ergonomic without spending too much money.
An example is an apartment with an area of 20 sq.m.
In it we were able to fit a full bathroom, a kitchen and a fairly spacious living room with a full-fledged workplace and a spacious wardrobe.
The furniture we used was the most budget-friendly of the stores available to many people. With this video we want to show that even with a small quadrature and a small budget at your disposal, you can make a completely ergonomic apartment.
Budget renovation of a small apartment. How to fit everything in 20 sq.m.
Room tour of the apartment in the style of MINIMALISM. Apartment overview 76 sq.m. Modern interior design.
The interiors of the apartment are designed for a creative married couple. The owners of the apartment are very fond of traveling, have an extensive book library, are fond of music, painting and foreign culture.

The main task for us was to create a comfortable and modern interior with elements of minimalism, corresponding to the taste preferences and wishes of their owners.
We are visiting one of the best chefs in Russia, a participant of the cooking show "MasterChef" - Sergey Konovalov.

We are discussing which kitchen appliances are best to purchase. We tell you about the convenient and functional location of appliances in the kitchen.
We give advice on the convenient location of the built-in hob and microwave oven.
The best kitchen appliances. Which manufacturer should I choose?
Development of a design project in Palma de Mallorca.
Our project is in the resort town of Spain, the city of Palma de Mallorca. The apartment is located in the historical center of the city. We show and tell about the pre-project analysis, the specifics of work in Spain, visit the Department of Architecture, meet with related parties, analyze the market of local construction and finishing materials, and also show the apartment itself and tell about its features.
The project of an apartment in the residential complex Faces.

We show videos of the complex itself, as well as interior design of the living room, kitchen, bathroom, guest bathroom, and children's room.
Apartment of the Residential Complex "Faces"